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  • Paper entry width:58mm
  • Printing width:48mm
  • Max Printing speed:85mm/s
  • Reliability:100KM

2-inch thermal printer mechanism
Thermal printer mechanism TP2AX series is ultra compact, high speed, reliable, printing on 2-inch wide paper (58mm). This thermal printer mechanism, with easy loading mechanism, improves paper loading and printer mechanism maintainance greatly.

1. Compact design-low weight
2. Ergonomic centered paper path allows uniform and aesthetic housing design.
3. High reliability due to its patented easy loading design.
4. Print speed up to 85mm/s
  • 1. Portable lirinters and terminals
  • 2. Hand held terminals
  • 3. Cash registers
  • 4. Fiscal printer
  • 5. Calculators
  • 6. Measuring instruments and analyzers
  • 7. POS(Point Of Sale)
  • 8. Data terminal devices
  • 9. Medical equiliments
  • 10. Taximeters
  • Specification
    Printing Printing method Thermal dot printing
    Number of dots 384dots/line
    Resolution 8dots/mm(203dpi)
    Paper entry width (mm) 58mm(paper width:57±0.5mm)
    Printing width (mm) 48mm
    Paper thickness (μm) 60~80μm
    Max printing speed 85mm/s 70mm/s
    Paper loading Easy loading
    Detection Paper end sensor By photo interrupter
    Head temperature by NTC thermistor 30KΩ(25°C)
    Operating  voltage For printer head 4.5V~8.5V 2.7V~7.2V
    For motor 4.5V~8.5V 2.7V~7.2V
    For logic 2.7V~5.25V 2.7V~5.25V
    Peak  current For Head 3.09A(at 8.5V,64dot) 3.70A(at 7.2V,64dot)
    For Motor 0.6A 0.379A
    Life Abrasion resistance 100 km (test using F230AA Mitsubishi paper or equivaletn thermal paper)
    Pulse activation 100million
    Operating environment Operating temperature 0~50℃
    Operating humidity 20~85%R.H.(No condensation)
    Storage temperature -25~70℃
    Storage humidity 10~90%R.H.(No condensation)
    Physical characteristics Mechanism Dimension 67.6x30.8x30.7mm
    Mechanism Weight (g) 40g
    Control board ATP2AMBX