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  • Paper entry width:58mm
  • Printing width:48mm
  • Max Printing speed:75mm/s and 105mm/s
  • Reliability:50KM

Thermal printer mechanism TP2HX series is ultra compact, high speed, light weight thermal printer, printing on 2-inch wide paper (58mm). This thermal printer mechanism, with easy loading mechanism, improves paper loading and printer mechanism maintainance greatly.

Advanced Functions:

With easy loading mechanism, to simplify and speed up paper roll replacing.
High endurance of 100km(using F230AA Mitsubishi paper, DJ03 paper or equivalent thermal paper)

  • Portable printers and terminals
  • Hand held terminals
  • Cash register
  • Fiscal printer
  • Caculators
  • Measuring instruments
  • POS
  • Medical equipment
  • Data terminal devices
  • Taxi meters
  • Specification
    Model ATP2HAN2X ATP2HAN6X 
    Printing  Printing method Thermal dot printing
    Number of dots 384dots/line
    Resolution 8dots/mm(203dpi)
    Paper entry width (mm) 58mm(paper width 57±0.5mm)
    Printing width (mm) 48mm
    Paper thickness (μm) 60~80μm
    printing speed Max. 75mm/s Max. 105mm/s
    Paper loading Easy loading
    Detection Paper end /black mark sensor By photo interrupter
    Head temperature detection By NTC thermistor 30KΩ(25°C)
    Operating  voltage For printer head 2.7V~7.2V 5.5V~9.5V
    For motor 2.7V~7.2V 5.5V~9.5V
    For logic 2.7V~5.5V 2.7V~5.5V
    Peak current Printer Head 3.74A (7.2V/64dots) 3.27A (9V/64dots)
    For Motor 0.5A
    Life Abrasion resistance 50km(By with F230AA Mitsubishi paper or DJ03 paper)
    Pulse activation 100 million
    Operating Environment Operating temperature 0~50°C
    Operarting humidity 20~85%RH  (no condensation)
    Storage temperature -25~70°C
    Storage humidity 10~90%RH   (no condensation)
    Physical characteristics Dimension 68*24*26mm
    Weight 26g
    Cable length 69mm
    Optional control board ATP2HMB1X